Sunday, April 5, 2009

A bunch of bananas and mineola tangerine 5x7

Oil on 5"x7" Gessobord
I've been a bit uninspired to paint lately. I couldn't really find a reason other than every time I tried to think of a subject to paint, I'd ask myself "why" I wanted to paint it. If I didn't have a good enough answer, I didn't bother painting.
I took some time and re read some of my art books, found some new and interesting artists blogs online, and I realized something I already knew. A painting isn't as much about the subject as it is about the colors and patterns and shapes that make it interesting to look at. It at least made me feel like painting again, and I'm happy with this one.


  1. Very beautiful, Debbie. Great job with the texture of the tangerine.

  2. This is lovely- detailed but soft, nice color.

  3. Beautiful..I like the texture of banana...:) Congratulations for your award...:) Truly deserving...BTW Debbie...I have started a new blog dedicated to my sketch work — Art on Sketchbook

  4. This is lovely, Kathleen. the shadows and light are beautifully handled, and I love that bit of glowing green on the banana stems. It always helps me look at other's work, too, when I'm looking for inspiration. And it's a constant "re-learning" of what we know!
    well said. Liz

  5. Thanks everybody, your comments mean alot!

  6. Debbie, since joining DSFDF, I've been painting subjects that I would never have dreamt about trying. And then seeing a hundred or more takes on it hammers home what you just said. Not necessarily the subject, but what you do with it, and that is the challenge. This painting is beautiful and you've pulled it off in a very uncluttered bells and whistles...NICE!

  7. Really wonderful painting, what medium is this? You are right, it is up to us as artists to make a painting interesting regardless of the subject.

  8. Wow - you really got the colors right on this piece!

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  10. Hey, Debbie. Got room for one more! Your fan club is growing! lol
    DSFDF is really expanding our art community isn't it? Such fun and support.

    This is a lovely still life. The texture of your orange is perfect and your color so fresh. You just get better and better. Thanks for continuing to share your little gems with us.

    I'm like you, when I'm not feeling like painting and just uninspired, my art books and magazines give me new creative "life" every time.

  11. Debbie - My apologies for my gaff! I must have had Kathleen's name in my mind after reading her comment. Jeesh. Head slap! Please forgive me. Your painting is beautiful!

  12. Liz, No problem! I totally understood how you got the names switched. :-)


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