Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Purple Hydrangea

Oil on 5"x7" Gessobord
This hydrangea flower came from a picture I took sometime last year. I just happened to run across it in my pictures folder, and decided it would be nice to paint. This particular flower came off a bush in my grandmother's yard that has deep bluish purple flowers. The ones in my yard are always a boring pale pink.


  1. I just love this little painting. This is my favorite color and the small cluster is so cute! Everything comes together well for a very nice piece!

  2. This is very nice! Add coffee grounds to the soil (for acidity)to change your hydrangea to blue/purple

  3. Dar, Thank you, I have heard something like that (coffee grounds) but never tried it. It would be nice to have blue hydrangeas, because that's the color they were when I bought the plant, years ago. Over time,they changed.

  4. Gorgeous blue color! The water glass is so convincing!

    (Dar is right about the hydrangeas; if they were originally blue they can be again. The basic rule of thumb is:
    alkaline soil = pink hydrangeas
    acidic soil = blue hydrangeas, preferably a pH of 5.2-5.5.
    Your local greenhouse should have a pH tester kit and Aluminum Sulphate.)

  5. r garriott, thanks for the great comments and the info!

  6. So lovely! Love the variety of the blues, and the light bouncing around in the glass. great!


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