Sunday, March 15, 2009

Strawberries 4x6 Canvas Panel (in progress)

I couldn't resist some more strawberries.
I don't know why I chose to put one on a spoon... but, it seemed interesting. I had trouble again getting a good image of the painting. The glare was a problem, but also some dryer areas were looking a bit flat. I'll have to wait til it's completely dry and varnish it, maybe that will help. But, for now, this is a pretty good representation of it.


  1. Thank you for the great comments, and thanks for stopping by!

  2. Debbie, I have two questions. Is this a different canvas panel than you usually work on. The texture is much more apparent and it seems to have absorbed the paint more than usual. It may just be the photo, but your paint just doesn't seem as "present" on the surface as your other work. I do love the berries and the spoon is a nice touch.

    The other question is about your easel/panel set up. You appear to have stuck your art on the back board by double stick tape or by making a loop of tape to adhere it with - is that right? I have finally resorted to that method myself after experimenting with various ways to attach my work to the easel. Such a simple approach for small size paintings. I just hate to use those clips which requires one to paint around the clip and then move to paint that spot. The old masters would have been amazed to see "tape" holding up artwork. Such a "new" invention!

  3. Marilyn, You're right, I have a loop of clear mailing tape on the back of my panel to hold it in place. I got tired of using a clip, it always left a mark in the paint. The only drawback is when I stick the tape to a canvas panel that has a paper backing, when I take the tape off, it tears the paper.
    The canvas panel I used (for strawberry painting) is the same. I think the lighting is causing the texture to look more obvious, plus, it's a smaller panel than I usually use too, so that might have something to do with it. Thanks for the comments and questions, it's fun to hear what others are thinking!!


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