Saturday, May 9, 2009

"Violas and Violets" 5"x7" Gessobord

I wanted to try these flowers again, on a lighter background. The blue in the violets (flowers) kept photographing so bright, I don't know why, but here is the photo anyway. The rest of it seems fine. I'll see if I can't get a better image with a more accurate blue/violet color.


  1. Lovely Debbie, This is one of my favorite kinds of violet.

    I've noticed blues go light too sometimes in digital. Two things I do to fix that slightly in photoshop: go to "darks" in "color adjustment" and see what more or less red and/or blue makes happen (since you have purples too in this).

    Also in "hue/saturation" go to darker vs. lighter for the blue and cyan and see what happens.

    Nonetheless without seeing the original it's looking beautiful anyway!

  2. Love the more periwinkle colors on this piece!

  3. Thanks Erika! It's so nice to hear others opinions.
    Mona, Thank you for your photoshop suggestions, I will try them out!

  4. Debbie-love that you explored these again. I love this background, and the addition of the wall/floor edge at a diagonal. On my monitor, the blues don't seem too strong, but realize it may not be what you're seeing. This is beautiful!


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