Sunday, May 10, 2009

Violas and Violets, Better Image

I spent some time exploring photoshop, and experimenting with all the color adjustments. I finally found a way to change one color at a time in the image. Yay! I only wanted to tone down the blues, and maybe warm up the background color a bit. It seemed as though each time I tried to do that, the whole image was affected. I learn a bit more everytime I use it, maybe one of these days it'll get easier to adjust my pictures when they need it. This new image is closer to the original painting. (at least on my monitor it is, I'm sure it won't have quite the same appearance on each individual monitor.)


  1. This is so lovely, so well done, I feel as if I could reach in and touch it.

  2. Dar, Thank you for your kind compliments!

  3. Like these flowers so much more on the lighter more neutral backgound! A feature to try in photoshop: 1,Image pull down, 2, Selective color. Play with that a couple times, you may find it very handy!


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