Sunday, August 23, 2009

A rose, in progress.

I think the time I spent drawing was time well spent. I happened to change the way I held my pencil, and just that small change really affected the way I drew! I slowed down, and was more observant and calm. I think it has something to do with the "right brain, and left brain."
Years ago, I read the book, "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" by Betty Edwards, and it really gave me an understanding of how the brain works while doing something creative. It seems that the left brain, just wants to hurry and get the job done in the quickest way possible, so I always wind up drawing what I think I see rather that whats really there. If there is a reason that the left brain can't get the job done the way it's used to doing it, it will stop, and let the right brain take over. And the right brain will be more patient, and observant, and so on...
If you've ever tried to copy a drawing that is turned upside down, you're left brain will give up pretty quickly, since it can't make logical sense of the picture. But you're right brain will gladly take over and have a pleasant time working on the task. It's really a nice feeling. I'm thinking that when I was holding my pencil in an unfamiliar way, my left brain gave up trying to get the drawing done, and the more creative right side took over.
I started working on a painting while trying to remember that more patient, calm way of being while creating. I have set up a rose in a coffee mug, and changed my lighting around to create more interesting shadows. Here is a picture of what I'm working on.

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  1. Beautiful little painting, and your so wise to remember slowing down as you draw. To really look at the subject and immerse yourself in the process. Nice!


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