Friday, August 21, 2009

Still Sketching....

I think I have been bitten by the sketching bug, because lately that's all I seem to want to do. I love to draw, and maybe I haven't been doing enough of it. I've tried a couple of small paintings, but half heartedly, and it shows. I put them aside for another day.
The weather has been so pleasant this last week or so, that when I do have spare time, I just want to be outside, and not cooped up in the house with the a/c. So, I gather all my favorite sketch books, and pencils and pens and stuff, and go outside and draw whatever is around. It's so relaxing, and calming, especially on a nice summer day.
I have found this brown sketching paper, which is so cool!! so much fun to sketch with dark pencil, or black fine marker, and highlight with white charcoal pencil, or white colored or pastel pencil. The other sketches of my hands are in my moleskine sketchbook, using an ebony drawing pencil. I find using a tissue to smudge the pencil works very nicely, and a kneaded eraser to make highlights.
Now, I think I'll go back outside and draw somemore....

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  1. Beautiful sketches, and great 'still life' of the sketch materials. I like using a mid tone paper also, for the very reasons you mention.


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