Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fruit with a Painting of Fruit (WIP)

I had painted a small painting of a tangerine with leaves the other day, and somehow thought it would look interesting in the background of another painting of fruit. I liked how all the colors went together. I'm finding the apple very hard to paint, it has such a beautiful soft creamy color, with a touch of a pink blush. I'm still working on it.


  1. So clever! I love it. I'm smiling out loud. Very nice color and shape composition to support a playful piece.
    The apple looks perfect to me. Now, make a painting of this painting of a painting...

  2. What a cool idea! looks super already, can't wait to see the finished painting.

  3. Very interesting to see the work 'in situ'.
    The colors are luscious to me.


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