Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Grapes on the Vine"

Oil on 8x6 hardboard panel

These grape vines grow like weeds around here, especially along fences, in wooded areas and places like that. I"m always cutting them out of my yard. If left to grow, this time of year they are full of little grape clusters. On a walk the other day, I picked this little sprig off a vine growing along a fence. I'm sure they are not good to eat, but nice to paint. I liked the shape of the leaf, the colors of the fruit, and especially the little curly stems.


  1. this is so beautiful Debbie! all your work is so pretty to look and I love it!

  2. Very nicely done, Debbie. I bet the birds love them. We had a vine once growing up one of the poles of our pole barn and it got ravaged by the beetles.

  3. Lovely painting. I like the chewed-on leaf and the green and purple grapes on the same stem. Your detail and color choices are beautiful. If they aren't good eats, I'll bet they make good grape jelly.


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