Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Vintage Baseball

Oil on 18 x24 canvas

My son asked me to do this painting for him. It is a picture of a 1961 World Series game between the NY Yankees and Cincinnati Reds. Whitey Ford is pitching. Also in the picture is Reds first base coach (#2 in foreground), Yankees third baseman, and an umpire.
I love the different poses of each figure, how they are all awaiting the action, focusing on what's about to happen.
I used raw umber, black and white.. and a little yellow ochre to warm up the white.


  1. this is great Debbie! Esp. like the way you articulated the body language on #2. How long did it take to paint?

  2. Super! Your son has good taste, wanting an original oil instead of just a blown-up photo.

  3. Mona, thanks, #2 was fun to paint. The whole painting took a few days.
    Judy, thank you, I think he has good taste too, and much attention to detail. He made sure I got every little thing right, right down to the way the pitcher is gripping the ball, and has his fingers out of his mit, and the special shape of the umps hat.. etc.. :-)

  4. So much love in this one! I'm sure he loves it and the attention to detail. It was a great decision to keep it black and white for the historic "feel". Beautiful work!

    Your card paintings show that you have much more patience than I! lol They are fabulous!

  5. wow this is amaaaaazing! Great job!!!

  6. This book breathes action and movement.


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