Friday, December 17, 2010

"Cup with Tangerine and Cranberries"

Oil on 5x7 board

This sweet little tea cup has a hand painted design on it and a leaf shape in the handle. I think it's just adorable. The tangerine I bought because of it's shiny deep scarlet color. I think it's called a sunburst tangerine. The cranberries I added for their pretty color, they are like little gems. There are also a couple of walnuts in the picture. It seems like the season for them. They only have bins of whole walnuts and other assorted nuts in the grocery store in the winter.
Speaking of winter, it seems we have been getting so much snow in the last couple of weeks that we are nearing a record for December, and the calender hasn't even reached the formal date of the beginning of winter yet!!! I'm tired of the snow already.


  1. Great handling of the edges on the teacup!

  2. What a beautiful composition- great use of edges, and you really convey all the different textures so well!

  3. Perfect! I agree with Judy. Your composition is spot on!

  4. Simply beautiful! There is so much in this painting to enjoy. Great work.


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