Friday, February 4, 2011

"Tea Cup and Grapes"

Oil on 6x6 panel.

I had a blue background on this, thinking that the blue would go nicely with the green grapes. I tried different shades of blue, and I just never loved it. So, finally I decided to just paint a very dark background, ( I think I used viridian, and transparent oxide brown). I like it much better now.


  1. I really love how you make those delicate tea cups look so true to life. So beautiful!

  2. So stunning, Debbie! Truly beautiful painting.

  3. Your technique is lovely in that it is very precise without losing the mystery and "painterlyness."

  4. I love all of your paintings. I think the darker background on this lovely painting is a much better choice. It makes the tea cup and grapes stand out.

    I enjoy your blog. You have nice paintings as well as a good music.

  5. It's a beaut, as usual; question please: How far away do you paint from your still life set-up? I'm squished in a small room, so I have the habit of setting up my still life directly on my left, next to my easel on the table. I wonder if that's a bad habit, like it's too close. Thanks Debbie!

  6. wow debbie! outstanding work! so thrilled to have stumbled upon your blog today!


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