Sunday, February 6, 2011

"Tea with Lemon"

Oil on 5x7 hardboard panel

I usually don't drink tea, but after I made this cup of earl grey green tea and put in some of the lemon, I really liked it! It seems to be just the thing to have when it's cold out, and snowy, and we've had lots of cold and snowy lately :-)


  1. Beautiful china and that is one gorgeous and juicy lemon! I think you could have a second career painting fine china!

  2. Hi the china tea cup and the way you cut the lemon and it's juicy appearance. Absolutely beautiful.

  3. Wow, I think I like this teacup best of all in your series; great edges, love the looseness and tone of that lemon, effective translucency in the tea water and lemon pulp, and the overall color has such a quiet mood to it.
    Really great.
    PS Thanks for answering my still life question- every little bit helps!

  4. Beautiful. Just amazing how you achieve the texture of the lemon peel.

  5. Love the lemon. Your 2011 paintings have been so awesome!

  6. Debbie.
    I don't ever get tired of looking at your paintings. For me, you are the greatest artist that I saw on the web. I'm glad I fould your blog months ago, because I never have a disapointament with your art, which is beautiful, well done, and very sensitive.
    Thanks for sharing!


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