Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"Peeled Orange and Wild Grapes" Oil on 5x7 board

(Work in Progress) (there is tinted gesso over the white gesso on the panel, I had left a bit of the white showing to help remind me of the difference in value.


I found these grapes growing on a wild grape vine in my backyard.  It's been growing there all summer, I should have pulled it out long ago, but I thought I'd wait and see if grapes grew on it, and they did! I wouldn't want to eat them, but they were fun to paint.  


  1. You are just so amazing!!! I love how you post pictures in progress.

  2. I always look forward to your paintings, Debbie!!! another gorgeous piece!! Congratulations!

  3. Hi Debbie! I just found your blog. I love your work, especially this painting! It's lovely! I look forward to more beautiful paintings.

    Annette Weiner

  4. Oh, this is stunning Debbie!!! Maybe my favorite, a delight!!!!

    1. Thank you Diane, it's one of my favorites too!


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