Tuesday, January 8, 2013

"Crackers, Strawberries and Cheese" Oil on 5x7 board

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I placed the crackers, strawberries and cheese on this striped round cheese board, thinking about how I could create patterns with them.   I love the swirl of pattern the crackers create, and the circular shape of the composition against the stripes.   (there is a bit of glare lighting the dark background in the upper right corner of the photo,  I couldn't seem to be able to correct it.)

(the painting is not actually framed)


  1. Love the rhythm you created in this exciting composition! Great start to exploring patterns! Beautifully painted, as always. Thank you for sharing your work in progress which I always look at closely for clues as to how you do such a wonderful job.:)

  2. Nice circular armature, Debbie, and your color mixes are true. Your skill is exceptional, my friend. Great work on this one!

  3. Happy New Year Debbie! This one is so great, especially since crackers and cheese is my favorite food. I love that you are sharing your new ideas for the new year. I wish I could articulate mine as well as you have. I continue to follow your blog and LOVE love your work. Thanks! - Sarah

  4. Thank you so much Robert and Sarah!


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