Sunday, January 13, 2013

"Green Ribbon" Oil on 5x7 canvas board


Painting this ribbon was a good exercise for me to do, because I don't usually paint green things.  I would have used a red ribbon if I'd had some, but this way I had to practice and think!  I never know if I should mix a green from blue and yellow, or use a green and mix it to the right shade.  I think I did both while painting this.  I used a canvas board that I had given a few extra coats of gesso to, hoping it would smooth out the raised grid lines in the weave.  I don't like when the texture of the canvas is more noticeable than the paint.  I think it worked out nicely. 

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  1. Nice execution, Debbie:

    i love the touches of warm yellow around the highlights, and the variety of greens/shadows.

    I love the rhythmic movement of the lines.

    Sweet! Very interesting! Nice job!


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