Sunday, January 27, 2013

"Pomegranate on White" 6x6 in. oil on board


This is a beautiful big pomegranate I bought at the store yesterday.  I played around with it in different set ups, and nothing was making me happy.  You can see all my rejected "brick a brack" on my desk in the photo below, (should have cleaned that up before picture taking, but, oh well...)  At last, I thought of using some white tissues to bring a nice contrast in value, and I loved it.  So, simple, but so interesting! It was fun to paint all those pretty folds and shadows.  I loved all the many different colors in the fruit too.

 A couple images of the work in progress..  I kept forgetting to take pictures while I was working, so these are the only two.

Just for fun, here is an image of what it might look like framed.  (The painting is sold unframed)


  1. That's a good painting and design. I like the upper right position and the folds of the cloth.

    It does look great in a black frame!


  2. I love that you paint your "in progress" shots. It's amazing to watch how you work through each piece. Very beautiful!


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