Saturday, August 31, 2013

"Butterflies and Fruit" Oil on 8x 10 canvas


I started this painting over a week ago, and couldn't seem to get back to finish it until today.  During that time the peach became over ripe, the plum and cherries are shirivled, but the butterflies are still beautiful.  I was thinking about naming this painting "short lived" or something to that effect.  But, in the end, I just went with the obvious.

I began this painting in an unusual way... I just wanted to see how the paint felt on a canvas that I had put 5 or 6 extra coats of gesso on to make it smoother.  I had brushed a few random shapes and colors on and wiped off, and decided to use a peach as a sample subject.   Then I added cherries.  Then I added the butterflies.  Then the plum and so on...  the last thing I put in was the ribbon.  I've been wanting to paint ribbon, and it seemed like a good place to add it in. 


  1. Debbie, I still can't get over how gifted and talented you are! Such a wonderful piece! I'm impressed with the painting!

  2. Wow! Robert, Thank you so much!


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