Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Playing around with oil paint on paper...

I really love the idea of mixed media art work.   I wondered what would happen, if I drew in pencil on some brown paper, then stuck the paper down on a more rigid surface, and then oil painted over it.  So, I sketched some poses of my little manikin, and some pieces of note paper, and ribbon in pencil.  Then, I sort of "decoupaged" the piece of paper down onto a sheet of heavy bristol paper.  I used some acrylic mat medium to do it with.  It didn't disturb the pencil at all, like I thought it might.  After it was dry, I painted over it with oil...  just to see what would happen.  I liked the smooth feel of the surface, and the paint went on nicely.  I didn't quite finish it... but, I had fun, and I wonder.. if I might do more with the decoupage/collage idea, using different papers, and then adding oil paint.  I feel like I need something new to really spark my interest lately!

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