Sunday, September 8, 2013

"Blue Glass and Orange" Oil on 8x8 board


I thought I'd try painting this little blue and white pitcher again.  The shape and design on it together make it such a tough little thing to paint!  I started it last week and got back to it a couple of times, but never finished until today.  The spoon was a last minute addition.  My set up looked ok the way it was, but I think I positioned it a bit off on my square board. I didn't notice until it was all painted.. and  it seemed to need something to balance out that side.  I also changed the color of the background from the gray to a warmer color (burnt sienna, orange, blue and white).


  1. I just love your process shots Debbie, and this painting is rich and solid!

  2. Judy and Egretta, Thanks so much for the nice comments!

  3. As always, your work is inspiration. In particular I find the handling of the white pitcher to be just beautiful.


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