Tuesday, September 24, 2013

painting in progress...

I used a different board for this painting.  I usually use an Ampersand board that is 1/8 inch thick.  This board is called an Art Board, and is about 3/8" thick and has hanging slots on the back (above). It's nice and heavy, with a smooth surface.  The label says it is made of refined douglas fir natural fiber.  I applied a few coats gesso, and tinted the surface with raw umber.

Autumn has arrived, so I went out to buy some goards to paint.  I found this mini pumpkin, and a few interesting goards.  I added an apple, and a leaf to the set up also. As I moved the lamp around, I liked how the cast shadow on the pumpkin curved down to follow the line of the pumkin stem.

I had no idea this little 6x8" painting would take so long... the afternoon went by, and then into the evening... I finished around 8 at night.  I finished, the painting might need some more work today. I didn't take a final picuture, but I did get to paint in the goard and leaf before I finished up.


  1. wow - stunning! So wonderful seeing the process and your set up - thanks.


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