Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fruit with Persimmon... 8x 10...work in progress

I've been looking for a white ceramic pedestal bowl to use in my still lifes for a long time.    I finally spotted this one at the Goodwill store!  Yesssss!! I was so happy!!!   I wanted to do a larger painting with it, and arranged some fruit in it, including a persimmon I bought just for the occasion.  I did this little pastel drawing before starting the painting. 

I started the painting on a  gessoed board using some acrylic raw umber for the sketch.  Once it was dry, which didn't take long, I colored in with oil paint.

I added a small seckel pear, cranberries and some green leaves to fill in the space better.  I haven't quite finished it, but hopefully will post the finished painting soon.  :-)

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