Sunday, February 16, 2014

"Apple with Playing Cards" Oil on 7x5 inch canvas board

I thought I would like to try a different process with this one to get a more detailed look.   I go back and forth between wanting to do something with a bit looser feel and something more detailed.    I started on a toned gray canvas board, with a drawing and an underpainting.  I used black, terra rosa and a little white painted thinly.  It was nice to start this way, because I wouldn't have had time to do a complete painting.  Then during the next couple of days while I had to work, it was a good feeling knowing I had something started that I could look forward to finishing when I got the time. 
It was dry when I got back to it, and I started painting in with thicker paint. 
I was near the finish when I thought that all the empty white space of the ace card needed a change.  I thought to bend the card to make more interesting shapes there. 
I liked the triangle shaped shadow it created.  It interfered with the stem though, so I wound up turning the stem in the other direction.

Note:   The painting is signed with my initials, it isn't in the photo because I signed it after I took the pictures.  It took so long to get a good image, I didn't want to re take them :)
Also, the framed image below is only for an example, the painting is not actually framed.


  1. This is a real beauty Debbie, and the perpendicular planes are set off nicely with those great cards. Your fruit always look dramatic and lifelike!


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