Monday, February 17, 2014

"Lemons like Sunshine and Green Leaves" Oil on board, 5x7 inches

I bought some lemons, limes and grapefruit the other day because they remind me of warmer weather.   I miss the sunshine and green leaves!  Still only snow outside and empty trees.  

I started this painting on a toned gessobord.  It's the first time I used an orange tone, I mixed some red and yellow ochre acrylic paint, and thinned it down with water.  I didn't think I'd like painting over the orange color.  I mixed  a nice light (oil) color for the background and when I put it over the orange it clashed so much I was tempted to change it.  But, on my palette the color looked like what I wanted so I stuck with it, and once the painting was filled in, it looked really nice with the faint bits of orange showing through.

I liked it so much, I toned a couple more boards with the same color.  Maybe I'll try a painting of those limes next!

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